Access error to the journal portal. Error: Database connection failed!

When trying to access the journal portal, it only displays the following message: “Database connection failed!”

Please help.
ojs 3.1.2

It was misconfigured only maybe some update or something happened but I can no longer access, how do I recover the user

Error is telling you that something happens with the DB so I’m almost sure is not an OJS issue.

It could be a credentials missconfiguration (check the db host/user/pwd with your technical service and confirm are the same you got in or the DB engine (confirm the engine is up and running).

You have plenty of messages in the forum explaining how to deal with this:


How can I reset the main user of ojs 3.1.2 it helps, it was working fine for almost a year working fine and suddenly it stopped working. please help

I already checked my database and if it works fine, but when I try to enter ojs 3.1.2 I get the following error message: “Database connection failed!”, where I can verify or reset the access in ojs, the database works correctly

Did you check the ojs where the configuration of database is correct. The username and password can access the database. Maybe some password change?

driver = mysqli
 host = "localhost"
 username = yourmysqlusername
 password = yourpassword
 name = yourdatabasename

Thanks for the answer, I already verified the access data and if I can enter from phpmyadmin but when wanting to access the portal it sends me the error: “Database connection failed!”, another thing I just noticed the change of domain, from .mx to .net

I already made the adjustments as mentioned but it is still the same, download the database and folders to my local server, change the username and database password and it works fine but when I upload to the server it does not work

So the problem is at your server… maybe you can confirmed with your server provider that the username can connect to database…