Access Debugging and Log File Locations

We are trying to debug an access issue. A subscriber connects to the server and it recognizes the user in the user status box (it displays the company name and IP address)…but when the user tries to read an article, it asks the user to pay for the article. We have verified that an institutional subscription does exist and has not expired for that user but it is perplexing why they are asked to pay for access to the paper.

Where do the log files reside and is there any user side logs that can be accessed without having to putty into the server? eg, can a subscription manager get access to those logs within OJS?

Thank you!

Hi @radjr

Have you also double checked if the IP address of that user is correct i.e. in the range defined for that institutional subscription? – Maybe a proxy is used, so that IP addresses are different…
See maybe also this explanation about X-Forwarded-For headers: XFF headers supported in OJS 2.4.x - #3 by radjr

What OJS version are you using?

OJS does not have any log files (just the usage statistics plugin log files, if enabled/set) i.e. one would probably need the server (e.g. apache) log files… Also probably a more detailed debugging/logging would be needed…

See also maybe other posts in this forum, e.g.: Problems activating Institutional Subscriptions for proxy servers - #5 by Enzo


Thanks Bonza.