Acceptance letter is not sent at accept submission step

just recently in one of our journals, I noticed that the acceptance email is not sent out (looking at the activity log). this is new…
Where should I check if all configurations are correct? the letter is in place, is not disable; I have the same problem using the role of Editor in Chief or Journal Manager: I go through all the step, but no email is sent out.
We are using OJS;

If anyone can guide me to where to check I would be most grateful!!

Hi @lsteele,

Is this being done after the decision is recorded by the Editor?


Hi Roger,
the first time was the initial decision from the Editor (no mail was sent out), then I tried again, and the template came up and I could edit it, but it was not sent.
Any tips would be very important…

Hi @lsteele,

Oh, okay. Thank you for clarifying. If it’s not in the activity log/history, you might have to check on the database level for your OJS instance for the email being sent. There’s a helpful query for this on the last post of this thread:

PKP Team