Acceptance date not showing

We have a journal in OJS version
For showing acceptance date in the article page and after searching in this forum, we’ve made a few changes in the child theme’s file as sugested in this post Acceptance date of an article - #7 by ajnyga.

public function loadTemplateData($hookName, $args) {
// Retrieve the TemplateManager
$templateMgr = $args[0];
$submission = $templateMgr->get_template_vars(‘citationArgs’);
$submissionId = $submission[‘submissionId’];
$dateAccepted = “”;
$editDecisionDao = DAORegistry::getDAO(‘EditDecisionDAO’);
$decisions = $editDecisionDao->getEditorDecisions($submissionId);
foreach ($decisions as $decision) {
if ($decision[‘stageId’] == ‘3’ && $decision[‘decision’] == ‘1’)
$dateAccepted = $decision[dateDecided];

You have to hook in the loadTemplateData function inside of init()

HookRegistry::register (‘TemplateManager::display’, array($this, ‘loadTemplateData’));

And in article_details.tpl we’ve added {$acceptanceDate|date_format:$dateFormatShort}

And it works fine.

Now i want to put acceptance date in HTML using the plugin embedHtmlArticleGalley using also {$acceptanceDate|date_format:$dateFormatShort}.

But its not showing there.

How can i solve this?