"Accept to review" not working properly

Hello to everyone,

I have recently upgraded from OJS to 3.0.1 using Softaculous software installer provided by my hosting company. The upgrade went ok, and it was on a production website. My PHP version is 5.6.29. I have faced several issues, but will present them in separate threads, for more convenient follow up.

When Reviewer is about to accept a review request, in step 1, clicking Accept Review does not take you to step 2, but rather gives error as in the screenshot attached. Another click on the same button gives a white screen with some message in the top left corner. Clicking “Back” in the browser gives the proper form and it is possible to proceed to step 2.

Thanks for help!

Hi @dijana,

If you’re able to repeat that behavior, would you be willing to send me a private message with temporary credentials that I could use to test this?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher ,

Thanks for helping me. I will send you the credentials in pm.