About using variables in navigation block template

I use some static pages for different conferences and I’m looking to include them on
the navigation block, but I’m looking to switch between them, depending on (i.e.) SchedConfID or another known variable …
I mean something like this:

{if $schedConfId==1}
 <li>&#187;<a href="{url page="pages" op="view" path="path_01"}">{translate key="schedConf.submission"}</a></li>
{if $schedConfId==2}
 <li>&#187;<a href="{url page="pages" op="view" path="path_02"}">{translate 

or like this:

{if $schedConfShowCFP}
 <li>&#187; <a href="{url page="pages" op="view" path="CFP_".$schedConfId}">{translate

Is it possible? How can I do it ?
Thanks a lot

Hi @tantalocura,

It looks like you’re asking about OCS.

Try accessing the currentSchedConf object, such as…

{if $currentSchedConf && $currentSchedConf->getId()==1}

Note that you could also use $currentSchedConf->getPath(), which is a little more meaningful than a numeric ID.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Oh yes Alec, it’s about OCS… I’m sorry

I think this is what I was looking for,
and sure can solve it as I want :wink:

Thanks a lot for your answer.

kind regards, Luis