About the Section in submission form

The submission form after installation OJS 3.1.2-3 has no submission section but I become message “please select an appropriate journal section for this submission”.
Whats wrong?

Hi @Spaik,

If this error still persists, check that there are Sections in your Setting>Journal


Kind Regards,
Patricia M.
Public Knowledge Project

Hi, @pmangahis !
There is one Section.

Hi @Spaik,

Is this error still persisting? And are all users getting this error message?

Kind Regards,
Patricia M.
Public Knowledge Project

Hi, @pmangahis!
I’ll try to install a latest version.
There was no so error In 3.1.2-1.

Hi, @pmangahis, @NateWr !

In the submission form, step 1, the Section field is not visible. It was used, but now it is disappeared.
There is 6 sections in journal. This problem is for all users.
OJS 3.1.2.-1

The theme was overwritten.

Hi @Spaik,

The first thing I’d check is the settings for each section. Make sure at least one section has the checkbox selected to allow authors to submit to it. A section may have this disabled if you want to prevent author submissions (for example, a special section that an editor will select submissions for).

I have copied all templates directory from ojs direcotory to the my modified Manuscript theme. After that, as far as I understood, this problem with submissions appeared. After deleting subdirectory Submissions from my theme there is no problem.
Thank you!

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