About Page: Unchecking Index and Checking Peer-Reviewed

Hi All!

I recently was named managing editor of a journal, and I need some help.

Our journal was recently transferred to the OJS system from another institution so all data thus far is imported (we have not proceed through the review process officially through OJS).

On the ‘About’ page, under ‘Section Policies,’ it reads:

Documents imported from previous website.

X Open Submissions X Indexed ___ Peer Reviewed

The problem is that we are not indexed but we are peer reviewed. Does anyone know how to uncheck ‘Indexed’ and check ‘Peer Reviewed’?

Link below to journal page.



Hi @jkyser,

As Journal Manager, go to the “Journal Sections” area and edit each section. You can change the states of these checkboxes there.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks! Worked like a charm!