About ojs db tables

I read a document about ojs DB table.
But I don’t understand access_keys & auth_source & custom_issue_orders & custom_section_orders & data_object_tombstone_oai_set_objects & data_object_tombstone_settings & data_object_tombstones & institutional_subscriptions & institutional_subscription_ip & metadata_description_settings & metadata_descriptions & oai_resumption_tokens & queries & query_participants & rt_contexts & rt_searches & rt_versions at the ojs3 DB table.
Can I get a little more detailed explanation?

We have not yet consolidated this kind of developer information to a Technical Reference for OJS/OMP 3.x. Some brief description for some of these tables is present in the OJS 2.x technical reference:

You can also find descriptions of the tables in the XML schema descriptions:

Are you looking to do reporting by direct SQL queries? If so, what kind of reporting are you trying to accomplish?