About Indexing and Gettin web adress


My name is Koray SAYIN. I installed the OJS However ı have some problem. I tried to register OAI-PMH Data Provider Validation and Registration to indexing. But it gives an error which is as follow:

baseURL is http://localhost/ojs/index.php/turkishjcompsci/oai
Validation only
Request logged from

Checking Identify response

REQUEST http://localhost/ojs/index.php/turkishjcompsci/oai?verb=Identify GET
FAIL Server at base URL ‘http://localhost/ojs/index.php/turkishjcompsci/oai’ failed to respond to Identify. The HTTP GET request with URL http://localhost/ojs/index.php/turkishjcompsci/oai?verb=Identify received response code ‘500’.
FAIL ABORT: Failed to get Identify response from server at base URL ‘http://localhost/ojs/index.php/turkishjcompsci/oai’.
The OAI-PMH data provider with base URL http://localhost/ojs/index.php/turkishjcompsci/oai has failed initial validation. Problems reported must be corrected before validation can continue.

What should i do to register to it. Secondly, I opened a journal but the web name is http://localhost/ojs/index.php/turkishjcompsci. i want to change it as “www.turkishjcompsci.com”. What should i do?

Please help me.

What have you set as the base_url in config.inc.php?