About how author is responding to a copyediting request


Some editors are starting to use the new OJS3 workflow and they have complaints about how authors need to “Respond to a Copyediting Request”.

The manual is very clear, but they have two concerns here:
a) Attaching a new document is a little hide in the dialog modal window (you need to click, then understand the interface and go down to find that you can upload a new file).
b) When authors attach a document, editors need to download it and resubmit… instead of simply approving the attached one.

I explained this method is better because:
a) Now you don’t get a file, you have documents in a “dialog” context.
b) You need to download author’s document anyway to be sure they included your requested changes.

At the end, they won the discussion because in Review stage you have a “upload file” button, so interface is “inconsistent”… and we have different ways of working in different stages:


Is this intentional? Any rationale to have different logic in each stage?

Thanks in advance,