A Question About OldGregg Theme

First of all, thank you very much for developing such a theme. I want to ask a question about article representation.


There is no Content section in article representation and article statistics are 0 times. How can I show article’s content tab and show article’s statistics?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @ikram

Table of content would be displayed only if JATS XML is downloaded in the article as a Galley.

Hi @ikram @Vitaliy,
how can i change default theme to theme style below

Those changes are the part of bigger ones in styling of Old Gregg theme which will take place with a new release. I’m still thinking how to present information regarding statistics and article details. My aim is to make more modern and clean view. I hope that new design would be much better :slight_smile:


I’m very much looking forward to it.

How can one get this theme am new to OJS.

You can download it from Github when the new version will be released. You can try also to download and unpack the current version into the plugins/themes/ folder: Release oldGregg-1.1.1 · Vitaliy-1/oldGregg · GitHub