A couple of smaller questions

Hi there, thank you so much for the support on this … it has been truly invaluable!

I have two smaller questions that I’m having trouble figuring out …

  1. The dates for when a review must be submitted / accepted are some 30 years into the future. I presume this is because my date settings are incorrect but I can not find them.

  2. When an e-mail is received, there is a [] in the subject line. This looks like it is missing something between the square parenthesis, but what?

Many many thanks!

For the review dates, check this thread for the configuration information.

In the emails, check that your email template has a subject line. You may need to modify the emails for your own use.


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Thank you, that solved the reviewer deadlines issue. However, the e-mails all have a subject line but yet a [] is added to the beginning regardless of e-mail.

As an update, here is what we see when we receive a notification …

How the e-mail is received

And this is the settings for that e-mail in the admin …

The e-mail settings in the admin

So how can I remove the square brackets in the e-mail subject?

You will have to change the code a little bit. In the attached thread, you’ll notice the brackets shown on line 101. If you remove those, it should fix the problem.


If the square brackets in the emails are empty, this means that either the Journal initials are empty, or that somehow the variable representing the journal initials is not getting populated as expected.

Thank you for your responses,

The Journal initials isn’t empty and the abbreviation is filled out also. When I try to locate that file to amend the subject (the one suggested by @rdkettering , it does not exist in my installation.

You appear to be using OJS 3.x; the other thread shows the code for OJS 2.x.

Please share the exact version of OJS you are using. Does your site host a single journal, or it is a multijournal install?

It’s a single Journal

And it’s version