500 Internal Server Error when download file

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We’re having a problem with the review process. An author sent to us a revision file of his article, but when we try and download it, a “500 Internal Server Error” occured. The file is correctly submitted because I can take it from the hosting, but not from OJS, so I don’t know what is the problem. We have never had this problem before.


EDIT: this is the error: [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 3801] [client xxxxxx] AH01071: Got error ‘PHP message: FileApiHandler: File articulos/journals/1//articles/1688/submission/review/revision/1688-1-5435-1-15-20190424.d does not exist or is not readable!\nPHP message: ojs2: 500 Internal Server Error\n’, referer: https://MYWEB.org/Publicaciones/index.php/hao/workflow/index/1688/3

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Hi @Almar,

For the 500 error you should look into server error log for more info.

Regards, Primož

Hi @primozs, I just updated the post with the error info.

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Hi @Almar,

This means that the system cannot find or read the current file. Can you look at the path specify and check if the file exists and is readable by a server?

Hi @Vitaliy, yes, we checked it when we noticed the problem, the file exists and can be downloaded from the server.

Thanks a lot!


Hi great people @PKP, thanks so much for this awesome OJS.

We’ve just migrated from to a week ago. Upgrade process went well, and we did not found any problems until recently when one of our user tried to download review files from the reviewers. We encountered the same issue for all the reviewers’ file. An example of our log is:

FileApiHandler: File /home/xxxxxxx/data/journals/1//articles/337/submission/review/attachment/337-1-1575-1-5-20190429.docx does not exist or is not readable!

What we did so far:

  1. Check files in the files folder, OK
  2. Check DB entry, entry exist, not sure if it is OK or not (screenshot attached)


  1. Tried suggestion by @asmecher in here return no rows on the OJS 2 database that we use for for upgrading last week

  2. Checked charset on config.inc.php, OK

Our journal is in a shared hosting environtment, PHP 7.3.5 Apache 2.4

Please guide us in solving this issue.

Thanks people for your help,


We retried the upgrade process in localhost, and we think we understand the problem. Applying fix, and will report here soon.

Our issues are solved, the upgrade last week skipped a fair amount of files. We didn’t notice that until yesterday. Due to the nature of OJS 3 and OJS 2 that is a lot different, it is a bit challenging doing an upgrade in a shared hosting environment, moreover without CLI access. For those of you who is planning to upgrade in this kind of environment, my advice is that you have to be very well prepared, check and recheck everything after the upgrade.

After a few years working with OJS 2, we feel that the OJS 3 is a lot of improvement.
Great job, thanks PKP!

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