404 Not Found Statistics

I use Statistics Plugins in OJS 2.4.8… When i access /statistics it come 404 not found

What should i do??

Hi @sijampank

Do you try to access “Stats & Reports” or something else i.e. could you provide the whole URL i.e. explain it better?


Thanks for the reply @bozana

what i mean is using Statistics Chart OJS Plugin (GitHub - franmanez/statistics: Plugin statistics charts for OJS (2.4.3 to 2.4.8-1))

my OJS version is 2.4.8. Im having trouble for viewing that Plugin. Here is the link : http://widyariset.pusbindiklat.lipi.go.id/index.php/widyariset/statistics

May this forum can help me figure it out

Many thanks

Ah, OK, I do not know that plugin, so maybe someone else can say something… Thanks!