404 Error on some published articles

this is not whole site issue, only a problem of several articles at http://ojs.cbuic.cz/index.php/peb
between the first Arnaudov and Gabajová only Inese Sluka articles are found, any other () report 404 not found. Any idea what caused this problem? We just published the four proceedings on newly installed OJS (two-week old version - now previous version 3.2…1).

I also noticed when I click the first Arnaudov, it moves lower in the list of articles, so the order of articles changes when you click on the first ones…after they change…this is really strange. I use OJS 2 and 3 for about 7 years and I have never experienced such behavior.

Thanks in advance.

oh, so the problem was caused by the missing Date published. Problem solved by editing status in the database. Now articles can be viewed.