[3.2.0]Problem displaying images when viewing XML file

After migrating from version 2.4 to 3.2.0 in some publications, the images using the lens.js plugin do not show the images.

When reviewing the code I found that it generates the url of the image but when copying the URI it shows me a 404 error.
What is the path where you upload the files? because the file is in files / journals /… / submission / proof

Could you guide me to solve the problem, thanks.


Hi @jpmaidana,
Cannot reproduce this on a clean 3.2.0 instance. Can you specify the version of the plugin?

The path looks correct at first glance, it’s article page and download operation. The first number should be a submission id, second - galley id and the last - file id. Checkout ArticleHandler::download for more details.
You are right, the actual path is inside the proof folder. It should be somewhere in: journals/1/articles/168/submission/proof with a prefix like: 168-10-683... where 1 after journals is the journal id and 168 after articles the submission id.

The lensGalley plugin is version where ojs 3.2.0-3 comes from.
In the proof folder there is no named image containing 168-10-683

Checking well I found that it generates the image url and the xml well but it doesn’t show when to start the xml view.
Clarification: Those not found were from a previous publication

I get the following log in the web browser console "FIXME: isn’t fnElem.getAttribute (id) === fnId?"
Can you guide me with this message

I would say that it’s a more general problem with files migration. Have you encountered any errors during upgrade? Were there suspicious warnings?

I don’t know much about upgrades from OJS 2+, maybe @ajnyga knows more.

In the database, what tables should intervene to display the images? In version 3.2.0

Hi @jpmaidana,

To create a link Lens Plugin uses download operation from ArticleHandler. Take a look here: lensGalley/LensGalleyPlugin.inc.php at 0007889b4f1e6c46526986a29d54a3e43d22a132 · asmecher/lensGalley · GitHub and here: ojs/ArticleHandler.inc.php at a717d40b3b531618c0fcbfb2c87ff88e347a78ca · pkp/ojs · GitHub
As you can see to construct a proper URL submission id, galley id, and file id are used. According to the ArticleHandler::download if all conditions are met (e.g., user can view galley, galley has a file with a correspondent id, etc.), SubmissionFileManager is called to process the download.

Construction of the actual file path can be found in SubmissionFile::getFilePath(): pkp-lib/SubmissionFile.inc.php at b4a4a046d7d8fa36e7035c90a860bc8578640844 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub. Take a look at what this method returns:

$submissionFileManager->getBasePath() . $this->_fileStageToPath($this->getFileStage()) . '/' . $this->getServerFileName();
  • The first part of concatenated string is a path to the submission folder, e.g.: /path/to/files/journals/{journalId}/articles/{submissionId}/submission.
  • The second part if a file stage: take a look at constants defined in SubmissionFile class.
  • The third part is a server-side file name. According to the code this last part is generated from different parts of data associated with a file: pkp-lib/SubmissionFile.inc.php at b4a4a046d7d8fa36e7035c90a860bc8578640844 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub. This data can be found in submission_files table.

Is this what you are looking for?

I still can’t find the problem. Clicking on the link in figure 1 shows me the following message:

ContainerPanelView.scrollTo(): Unknown resource 'figure_1’

After generating the url of the image, what is the next step to visualize?

I found that the uri of the first image is not generated.


But yes the second image


That looks like a different problem from discussed above. Can you confirm that image file with the original filename 81961489005_gf3.png is attached to the XML?

If so, can you look at the submission_files table and find the file by original_file_name and assoc_id columns? The latter is the file_id of the XML file the image is attached to. E.g.:

SELECT * FROM submission_files WHERE original_file_name = '81961489005_gf3.png' AND assoc_id = 'the ID of the XML file'. Let me know if you need help finding this ID.

I’d check if the file is in the database and its file_stage (should be 17)

Thanks was a problem with the original_file_name.

Returning to the original problem where images are not shown in some publications.
I found that if I add a table in the XML file the images are displayed but not when only the “fig” tags are added to the file.
For example:

            <fig id="gf2" position="anchor" fig-type="plate" orientation="landscape">
                <label>Figura 2</label>
                    <title>Diferencias entre la prevención de riesgos penales y laborales</title>
                <alt-text>Figura 2 Diferencias entre la prevención de riesgos penales y laborales</alt-text>
                <graphic xlink:href="581961489005_gf3.png"  />
                <attrib>Fuente: Elaboración propia</attrib>                    
            <table-wrap id="gf2">
                <graphic xlink:href="581961489005_gf3.png"/>                                                      

How could this problem be solved? I am using lensGalley plugin

This may help:

Seems that adding a

tag inside the tag makes the “Figures” tab to appear…