Quicksubmit plugin not appearing even if installed through gallery and visibile through FTP

Hi guys. We upgraded an OJS to without errors with the manual folder method, and everything seems to be working fine.

Except we noticed that QuickSubmit plugin was not installed, so we proceeded to install it through plugin gallery. There, it said the plugin was already present and needed to be upgraded (probably because of tables of the plugin already in the database from version 2, even if the plugin wasn’t actually installed in version 3). The problem is that after doing this, and checking via FTP that the folders were actually created in the plugins directory, the plugin still doesn’t appear in the plugin list in website settings.

There are no errors related to this in the PHP log, we tried PHP 7.3 and 7.1 (it crashes with higher versions). We converted all tables to innoDB prior of upgrading. There is still the issue of running UTF8 enconding in the config file with latin1_swedish database that we discovered we had since OJS2, but unless we try to upgrade to OJS 3.4 it isn’t at the moment creating problems (unless this could be related…). Fixing the database with FTFY is out of our capabilities at the moment, and the vi and perl changes we found in other threads are not enough ti fix the actual garbled accents inside the db.

Where can we look to start troubleshooting the QuickSubmit plugin?

Thank you

Hi @jazzy,

Is there a reason why you’re stopping at 3.1 and not upgrading to 3.3 or 3.4. 3.1 is no longer supported, so I would advise against upgrading to 3.1.

PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis,

Roger’s advice above is good – but I note that some of the files are listed as 0 bytes in size, which looks wrong to me. Make sure the files are properly uploaded.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you guys. I don’t know how we missed the 0 byte files, it was so trivial. Reuploading manually the plugin did in fact make it work. Will check now if it actually accepts articles. Anyway in the PHP error logs at the time of install there is no error, permissions are 755 for the folders. Something gone wrong in the unpacking? Hopefully we won’t need to install other plugins…

As for the OJS version, we weren’t able to upgrade further because it exposed our database encoding problem. The installation worked, but with garbled characters and a seemingly broken CSS stylesheet.

This probably needs its own thread. Anyway we did this to a database dump in VIM:

Then ran this perl:
perl -pi -e ‘s{latin1_swedish_ci}{utf8_general_ci}g’ our_db_dump.sql

The installation then worked (albeit in utf8mb3 and not utf8mb4) but the garbled characters remained. At the moment we are not able to run FTFY locally and we don’t know with what command run it to fix our database. We found a couple threads and one where you say you run a slightly modified version of FTFY to cope with the ’ character. But that is the point where it goes a bit over our capabilities. We also run OJS in a shared hosting with no shell access, and this makes everything more complicated maintenance wise (we have cPanel with PhpMyAdmin)


In fact… I noticed Keywords section is missing in the QuickSubmit form. Then I checked in Metadata for an imported article, and albeit keywords from imported ojs2 articles are correctly showing on frontend, in backend Metadata the Keywords section is actually missing from each article, so it’s something site-wide. Will search now for a solution…

Ok, I enabled keywords in Settings > Workflow > Submissions