[] Bug or Feature in updating copyright and permissions?

If in [Settings]/[Distribution]-tab-[Permissions] and if one clicks the button [Reset Article Permission] then all previous articles are set to that permission. However, in [Submissions][Archives] select [view submission] of an archived article and click [schedule for publishing] the check box that enabled the permission is unchecked.

So by clicking [Reset Article Permission] all copyright notices of past articles are removed from the article page and one needs to manually reset each and every archived article. If that is the intended functionality could we have a [Set Article Permission] to make a global change.

Hi @Anton,

My understanding is that the Reset Article Permission button will strip all existing copyright statements from submissions. After that, submissions should have no particular copyright information under their own metadata.

However, the copyright information that is displayed to the reader and to indexing services should be whatever the default is under Settings > Distribution > Permissions.

In other words, resetting article permissions simply removes any submissions which override the default.