Cannot register for multiple journals using same username


We have a test instance with about thirty journals and have recently enabled email validation for new registrants. I’ve run some tests and I’ve come across a problem where I am unable to register for multiple journals using the same user name. For example, I successfully registered for a username, logged out, and then tried to register for an entirely different journal and received the following message:

Errors occurred processing this form:
The selected username is already in use by another user.
The selected email address is already in use by another user.

Presumably a user could Register as a Reader for different journals on the same instance, right? I wasn’t able to find anything about this on the forum, but my apologies if this has already been addressed. Any idea if this is a bug or a feature?

Many thanks in advance,



The user accounts are shared for all journals. Meaning that if you register as a user to journal A, you do not have to register again for journal B. So this is a feature of OJS.

Instead, you can enter journal B and acquire for example the reader role for that journal or the author role by sending a submission to that journal. See User profile => Roles.

Thanks very much for clarifying!

Please tell me how, step-by-step. Because I’ve opened the menu, but it’s not there