[] Browse by Section Display Page

Hi team,

I’ve enabled the Browse by Section plugin, but when a section is clicked on in the navigation menu, the results are quite basic - just the author name and article (or whatever section) title. Is there a way to add extra information, such as the issue the piece is in and the publication date? I’ve googled but couldn’t find anything.

All help appreciated!


You can override the file .tpl in yout theme to show other informations, you need to know smarty to do that.

The file you are looking for is section.tpl and it is located in browseBySection plugin in templates/frontend/pages/

To override it in your them you have to put you customized file in YourTheme/templates/plugins/generic/browseBySection/templates/frontend/pages/, the name of the file must be section.tpl

Thank you! We are in the midst of an update, but if it isn’t working after that, then we have your advice to fall back on.