Year visualization in citation style plugin

Describe the problem you would like to solve
Two issues with years in the citations style plugin:

  1. When an article is published in an ahead-of-print issue first when accepted (say 2021), and then it is transferred to an issue with publication year 2022, the citation year is still 2021 and not changed to 2022 which it should according to reference rules.

  2. Another issue is when older journal issues are digitized, and published online. A journal issue printed in 2000, that was first online published in 2016, has an article publication date in 2016, and an issue publication date from 2016, but the issue year is 2000.

For example:
Issue: publication date: 2016-02-05, and issue year 2000
Article: publication date 2016-02-05.

Describe the solution you’d like
I request that you add an option to the plugin to choose if the displayed year should be based on publication date of the article, the publication date of the issue or the issue year. A similar option is available for the copyright year.

One thing that might cause problem is if the publication scheme changes during the years. So if it is possible to change the default displayed citation year it should also be possible to manually change the displayed citation year for each publication (in analogy to the copyright year).

Who is asking for this feature?
Journal Editors, Authors

I started the discussion with @NateWr on git Citation year incorrect · Issue #99 · pkp/citationStyleLanguage · GitHub

This topic was brought up a while ago: Citation Language Style plugin bug: Issue year should have precedence over article publication year

I have provided a fix for this on Citation format precedence added, WU H&M citation style · mpbraendle/citationStyleLanguage@ed0a232 · GitHub