Wrong language used for publication date


our OMP installation has set “german” as the only and default language. Every component conforms to this setting, but the publication date, which is using english terms. This appplies to the catalog page, the search results list, and the monograph detail page. I.e. on the details page instead of “9 Februar 2018” it is shown “9 February 2018”.

Any ideas how to change this?


Hi @felixhelix,

I see what you mean. I was able to replicate this: https://demo.publicknowledgeproject.org/omp3/testdrive/index.php/td-press/catalog/book/22

I’m going to consult with some of our team members to see what might be the best solution for remeding this.

PKP Team

Hi @felixhelix!

This section of the application, which covers ONIX metadata isn’t localized, I’ve filed an issue to address it here: [OMP] Localize metadata fields · Issue #8843 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub.

Jonas Raoni

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@rcgillis @jonasraoni thank you both for your quick response :slight_smile:

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