Withdrawn articles

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Withdrawn articles

When the author wishes to withdraw his article from the reviewing process, the only way we see at the moment is, that he informs the Editor and the Editor chooses the decision „decline“. Or is there another way of handling this? (we are using OJS

In addition e.g. for statistics, we think it is a difference whether it was a “declined” due to a negative judgment on the quality or scope by an editor/reviewer, or because of an authors withdrawal. Is it planned for the future to have a workflow for this?

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+1 for this. There should definitely be a distinction between these.

  • Published
  • Declined
  • Withdrawn

Also I think it would make sense that the editor could take a withdrawn article and continue working on it later if needed.

Bumping this topic!

Does anyone know if a Withdrawn option is available yet?

Hi, I’m also interested in an option to allow the authors to withdraw their submission.

In addition, article retraction should be made available for the editors.


Thanks for the feedback. I have updated our issue on withdrawing submissions to reflect this discussion and assigned it our Community Priority label.