Who has applied for Web of Science?

Dear colleagues,
our journal, REGION (http://region.ersa.org) wants to get into the Web of Science. In preparation for that it would be great to learn about the experience of others with this task. We looked at the criteria and the information at the Clarivate homepage and are confident that we can get at least into the “emerging” index. REGION is open access and does not charge any APCs.
If you do have experience with that, please get in contact with me ASAP. We will have a meeting tomorrow (Feb. 4th) where we would like to be able to say that similar journals have done this before and that we are in contact with them.

Best wishes
Gunther Maier

Dear @Gunther_Maier , our Journal Health Information : Jurnal Penelitian is in 2nd stage of review in WOS indexing. We also a Diamond OA.

How can I help you?



Dear Rafiq,
thank you for your reply. It would be great if you could summarize your experience with the procedures so far in a few lines. I see that your journal is publishing in Indonesian (? Please excuse my ignorance about this part of the world).
Our problem is that our “publisher”, an academic association run by amateurs in publishing, claims that this process is difficult and that it needs a commercial publisher to initiate it. Because of that, I am looking for counter examples and their experiences.

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