Where is Starting and Periodicity in OJS 3.x

Good night,


  • I am using a test base, on a WAMP Server;
  • Windows 7;
  • OJS

I am making a new version for the periodicals of my work institution, currently it is in an OJS 2.4, which was invaded by crackers, we also had apparently a bad update, and it was not possible to repair the damage in any way, it cannot be Migration was made, directly from the OJS, to no other.

But, my question is this, where are the INITIAL POINT AND PERIODICITY fields, which existed in the OJS 2.4 version in version 3.2 (attached image)?

I already searched for this information on the forum and on google and I didn’t find it.

Thank you very much in advance.

Hi @klaus,
You may reach issue settings by clicking the blue arrow on left side of an issue link, and edit its settings. As far as I know, the developer theme simplified journal settings, and removed some unnecessary details in OJS 3.x. So, there may not be such an option (published x times in a year, editorial team member selection from user list…)