Where can I find?

where is the template of this page?

Hi @Murillo_Roseno,

Quick answer: “manager/timelineView.tpl”

Now, some thoughts on how to know the template file for other pages. You need a little bit of PHP knowledge, at least to follow the code.

You can find the template following the page and the operation that’s being called.

In this case, the operation is “timeline” and the page is “schedConf”. If you go to the pages folder, you will see the schedConf folder and inside that an index.php file, assigning all operations to a handler class. In this case, “timeline” operation is assigned to the “pages.schedConf.SchedConfHandler”.

Moving forward, open the pages/schedConf/SchedConfHandler.inc.php file and search for the “timeline” method. This is the method that’s called when you open the page your screenshot is showing. There you will be able to see that OCS uses the TimelineForm class to render the page.

So going inside the classes/manager/form/TimelineForm.inc.php file, you can see at the constructor that it uses the manager/timelineView.tpl file when it’s just a view operation, which seems that’s your case.