Where are the ALM plugin in OJS

The new paperbuzz plugin can be found here, but it is only available for 3.x.

I have install the plugin @ctgraham. But unable to integrate it. I dont know the proper setting or where to add the code PlumX? {id_type} = {id_value}of PLUMX as I am using DOI for each article. Any suggestion or recommendation please

There is no need to manually add code for the anchor links when using the plugin. You simply configure the plugin settings to determine where and how the widget will display:


I have changed the setting but unable to see any record below the abstract.

How did you install the plugin? Did you use the “Install” link within the System Plugins page, or did you copy the files manually?

control panel, file manager…generic plugin

If you uploaded the plugin files directly to the filesystem, you need to run the database upgrade script in order to register the plugin:

Run the upgrade script to register this plugin, e.g.: php tools/upgrade.php upgrade

It is easy to miss this step.

This can be done by running a command from the command line, or by running the upgrade script from the web:

If you do not upload the files manually, but are rather able to use the Installer from within OJS (Use Home → Journal Manager → System Plugins → Install A Plugin), this step is run for you.