What is the right way to implement preprints alongside OJS?

I have an OJS website and I want to implement Preprints too. I want to know whether I have to create an specific issues named as Preprints in OJS or I have to create another subdomain where Open Preprints server needed to be installed. Thank you…

Hi @iqnalhsn20,

OJS isn’t setup to handle preprints to the extent that OPS is. You could technically create a separate issue within OJS and assign preprints to it if you wanted, but if you want to look at running a separate preprint service, you’d have to do that distinctly (likely on a different domain or subdomain, as you noted), and OPS could be a good solution to do that. You may want to have a look at the OPS documentation to get a sense of how it works and how it differs from OJS: https://docs.pkp.sfu.ca/#appops3

PKP Team

Thank you very much for the brief answer and clearing my doubts.

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