What files to copy/paste Google Tag Manager code snippet?

Hi, I was wondering what files to copy and paste the Google Tag Manager code snippet to configure it with Google? The instructions say to insert the snippet onto every page of the site that needs to be analyzed, but I was wondering if their is a better way to do this with the OJS system ( Quick Start Guide  |  Google Tag Manager for Web Tracking ). Thank you very much for your help and for your great software!

Hi @j1122,
I hope, you are trying to index your journal in Google Scholar.

I suggest you go to the following link and submit your journal and follow the instructions. Don’t forget to submit your sitemap which is http(s)://yourjournal.com/index.php/YJC/sitemap.

Most of the other things required for google indexing should have been incorporated in the OJS.

Hope this answers your query.
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I’m wondering the same thing.

@anupent, can you please clarify your answer? Looks like you left out the “following link”. And is the journal submission process/instructions you recommend supposed to replace the Google Tag Manager code?

Thanks so much.

Hi @bernieh,
I have never used Google Tag Manager code.

I have submitted my site to this google toolmaster: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/home?hl=en
And, I have enabled google analytics plugin and inserted the account number there.

All my articles are indexed in google search within 2-3 days and in scholar within 2 weeks.

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Thanks @anupent; what you’ve done is what we’ve also done.

But we’ve now had a request from our SEO people to add the GTM code into OJS; but I’m wondering if there is any point in doing that, given it sounds like we’re already getting the same outcome via the Google Analytics plugin. Can anyone confirm that this is indeed the case?

Hi @bernieh,
I don’t have more idea on this matter.

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Were you able to figure this out?

Hi @pcansf, hit a blank wall. We added the GTM code to ojs/templates/common/header.tpl and js/templates/articles/head.tpl. However, it didn’t work; references to gtm.js were going missing in the code. So we had to re-activate the Google Analytics plugins. Raised the issue on this forum - Google Tag Manager support - but no response so far.

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