We need a better word for Galleys

Describe the problem you would like to solve
We have had problems with the word Galley when translating it to Finnish.

The problem is that it seems unclear what the word Galley is referring to in OJS which makes it hard to translate. Also I am not sure if even English speakers fully understand it when they see it for the first time in the system?

I can find two possible meanings:

  1. Galley in the classic printing process, a metal tray holding the type - basically a physical object
  2. Short for Galley Proof, basically a proof taken using the galley and used for checking mistakes

Maybe (1) is what has been though off originally and I think it is in a way a metaphorical concept in the system.

However, both meanings imply something that is not finished and we are talking about final files being published.

If we want to consider the Galley as the metal plate, it is not what is being published. It is the printed paper that is published.

Also the word Galley proofs implies files that are not the final product: “proofs are the preliminary versions of publications meant for review by authors, editors, and proofreaders, often with extra-wide margins” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galley_proof

The problem is that translators in many cases have maybe not understood the meaning of the original word or lack a good word they think their users would understand in OJS context. This has lead to a very mixed way of translating it which in the long run can be problematic for the development of the system. We are in a situation where by switching between languages in OJS you see a different concept used to describe the same thing.

Here is an overview of the existing translations in some languages. Note that I do not speak most of these languages so it could include mistakes or I am not aware of all the meanings of a specific word (please do comment if there are mistakes). Galley translations - Google Sheets

Describe the solution you’d like
My point is that we would really need a better concept. My suggestion is simply “Publication files” or just “Files” where there is enough context in the UI. The meaning would be clear and easy to translate and would work in all three PKP applications.

I am happy to hear all opinions on this. Both from native English speakers and also editors and translators representing other languages.

Who is asking for this feature?
Translators and users, could be just me.

I agree with the critique and support changing to a general term like “Files”. In the code, switching to a term like PublicationFile to describe the data object will also clarify things.

In my view, a term like “galley” may be recognisable to some professionals, but it goes against the spirit of openness that is central to PKP’s identity. That includes transforming closed professional cultures into open and welcoming spaces that empower all actors in the scholarly publishing community. “Galley” is jargon and by design works to make people feel unwelcome in the publishing world. We should change it.

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I would change the word " Galley " to " Published Files"
Many Thanks,

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Hi fellows,
Thank you AJ for bringing this up. Sometimes you are so used to a tool that you don’t stop to think whether something is correct or can be improved… it’s just the way it works.

After some discussion with fellows in the printing service (savvier than me) we agree we have a problem with Galleys because we are using the term incorrectly, but we disagree in removing the word of the system, as far as is a way to be precise referring to “final proofs that need to be DEEPLY reviewed before final publication”.

Deeper explanation? Sure.

According to PKP’s manuals:

“A Galley is the final publication-ready file that has been prepared for readers and will be published on the article page” and reading Antti-Jussi made us notice this is not true. The Galley (by definition) is always a proof, not the “final publication-ready file”.

And this is wrong because a Galley is always a proof (historically they were discarded in favor of the “final files” or “print-ready files”).

So, we are using “Galleys” to refer the “print-ready files” and we don’t have a way to place the real Galleys in the Production stage.

Nate, we are very much agree in democratize the tool to make it easier for newcomers, but as we use “submissions”, “reviews” or “copyediting” to refer to specific files in specific phases, we think is useful to keep Galleys as “the files you send to the author in the Production stage” (but not in the “Production” as we have now).

So, we can vote this FR as is described here (remove Galleys) but we agree that it need to be reviewed to refer the concept as is in the industry instead of redefinig it.

Take care!