Volume Numbering in Book Series

We recently published the first volume of our first series. Overall, it went very smoothly, but we aren’t entirely happy with the display of the item in the catalog:


Having the volume number at the top throws off the consistency of display with the monographs and isn’t terribly helpful information on the main display pages (on the series page it would make sense, but in the main catalog or in the “Featured” display there is no context for the volume numbering).

Has anyone experimented with ways to modify this behavior? I couldn’t find anything in the OMP settings or the metadata for the series and volume (which isn’t to say there might not be a setting I missed), but perhaps someone has found good solutions for adjusting this via the custom stylesheet or some other method?

This might also be worth looking at for future releases. Maybe an option for consolidating series into a single display item on the main catalog page vs. displaying volumes in the same format as individual monographs (volume-numbered display being reserved to the series page, in that case)? Moving the volume number below the date could also work, especially if it could be expanded to include a link to the series (i.e. “Volume 1 of SERIES SHORT TITLE”).

Hi @racemochridhe,

I have experienced it the same. The only way to change it was to change to .tpl code directly.

See: ZRC SAZU, Založba ZRC

Regards, Primož