View User Profile OJS 3X

Hello guys!

We recently managed to migrate from version 2.4.8 to the latest version of OJS and we are still learning.
Thus, I ask for your contribution to resolve a doubt about whether it is still possible to VIEW the registered user’s profile quickly, as in the previous version, which shows the information and history with the registration date and last access, in the journal?
If not, how can we request the implementation of this feature?


Hi @lcbrito02,

Yes, this is possible in 3.x, but it looks differently, and it doesn’t show the registration date and last access. If you go to Users and Roles under Settings and then you’ll see a list of users there. You click on the little down arrow next to their name and you can see relevant options - Edit User is probably the most like what you saw in 2.x, but it allows you to edit relevant details, rather than just displays them.

PKP Team

Hi Roger.
This form indicated by you I know, but you run the risk of making some improper change and does not display the registration date and last access information. So it would be very nice a way to just preview without having to go into edit mode.

Cláudio Brito