User roles and access privileges in OJS 3.4

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We have some confusion regarding the user roles in OJS 3.4.xx :

  1. Journal editors - have access to all vital settings (journal, website, workflow, distribution and users related settings)
    Query : can we limit journal editors’ access to only Submissions related functions?

  2. Production editors - also have access to all those journal related settings
    Query : can we limit production editors’ access to only Production related functions?

Probable solution :
Create a checkbox in user roles tab for providing access to settings function to users just like to submission, review etc.

We have journal editors and staff who need access to submissions but not to journal settings. Hence, this feature is highly needed/requested.

We have been through following topics already, but could not get any solution.

Journal manager and Journal Editor - Software Support - PKP Community Forum (

Excluding Journal Editors from settings - Software Support - PKP Community Forum (

Thank you very much.

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