User Management (advanced, semi-automated, batch)


PKP’s OJS documentation on user management states:

(…) the Journal Manager is also responsible for all of the user accounts in the system.

So far so good, but procedures available in OJS are made for managing single users, but not batches of users and their settings.

We have a journal with >1000 registered users. Upon publishing a monthly issue, we obtain about 60-100 e-mail rejects of the notification message. Reasons are mostly that the user has left the institution where he/she had worked when he/she registered.

Of course we could login as this user and disable notifications in his/her profile. But we are hesitant; it’s his/her profile and data. The user might come back later and be wanting to reuse the profile.

Another option would be a yearly re-validation procedure, but is this feasible? I see more cons than pros.

How do you deal with managing a batch of users? Should there be tools offered by PKP for such a task?