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I want to install OPS on my publisher. Our main purpose is to allow the dissemination of the authors’ texts, but also to have feedback from the academic community, as a way of stimulating scientific production.

I verified that you accept the Hypotheses plugin, I wanted to know if the comments in the OPS will be below the text, in a public way so that the author can receive the feedback or will it work the same as the OJS plugin?

Hi @filipe,

Your best bet may be to set up an install on your own and test out the Hypothesis plugin to get a sense of how it works.

I have made a request to our team that they install it on our test drive instance here: - however, it may take a little while before it shows up there, so if you check back in a few days, you will hopefully find it installed and be able to test it out that way.

PKP Team

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