Urdu Translation in Excel or Word File


I want to translate in Urdu Language. Is it possible that I may get all the strings and words in an excel for a word file so that I can download it, get printed and translate it? Then afterward I can copy paste in weblate system of yours one by one.

Since translation is a thing that cant be done by normal people. It required people who are well versed in Urdu language, literature and translation and since, those people are non-technical and cannot use the computer easily therefore it would be hard for them.

If it is possible then I can complete the translation within months. This would be a great acheivement for PKP and as well as for our country. Please guide


So you want to translate OJS or OMP into another language! The PKP community depends on volunteer efforts to keep the system working well in many languages and we appreciate your help.

PKP hosts an installation of Weblate for our translator community to use. It is available at https://translate.pkp.sfu.ca.

Begin by registering for an account.

Translate PKP Software

Open Journal Systems - Urdu

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Dear @kerimsarigul

Please read my question again. I am not asking how to do it. I very well know about all the above things you told.


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Hi @a2usmani,

There are so many strings that a process involving manual copy/paste will be very laborious. You could do it, but I don’t recommend it.

If you want to translate on your desktop rather than on Weblate, you could get the .po translation files from the Github repository rather than Weblate. See e.g.:

The main locale files are in these folders. Use the en_US translations (English) as a template, and adapt them for Urdu. Then when you’re ready to contribute them back to PKP, use Github to create a pull request with the files you’ve translated.

The .po files can be read using any text editor, but they are standard translation files and there are lots of tools you can use to translate them. POEdit is a commonly used one, for example.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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