Upgrading from ojs3.1.0.1 to ojs3.1.1.4 stopped showing stats


Our previous version of OJS (ojs3.1.0.1) was showing $article->getViews and downloads perfectly well in the articles template. Even plugin UsageStatsPlugins picture them in a graph. But from upgrading it to ojs we stopped seeing the counters. Every stat is zero. The funny thing is that redirecting to the latter version again works fine.
Everything using the same metrics table in the Database, same permissions, same logs files, etc.

We are stuck at this point and we need to recover statistics.

Appreciate any help.
Thanx in advance.

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Thanks for the reply, appreciate it.

This deletion in MySQL indeed made the counters show up (getViews and getDownloads). But we are still stuck and struggling in making Usage Statistics plugin graph work. It shows “Download data is not yet available”.

It is strange because if we disable the plugin to stop showing that empty message even the counters show zeros.

We dont know whether there is a problem with the plugin itself or it is something we are missing.

Thanks for your attention.