Unrequested DOI automatic assignments on OMP



I’m running an OMP 3.4 on a temporary server before migrating on a definitive one.
While waiting for Crossref to assign us an actual DOI prefix (the procedure is underway with Crossref), I am preparing the DOI management for our website. To do this, I set up the Distribution menu:

  • I’ve indicated a dummy DOI prefix (10.9999)
  • I’ve indicated I want DOI for Monographs and chapters
  • I asked to OMP not to automatically assign DOI (“Never”)
  • For the DOI Format, I chose “None - Suffixes must be entered manually on the DOI management page and will not be generated automatically”

With this set up, I started attributing manually DOIs to books and chapters for the ones which already have ones. I have to precise that in our OMP website, we will have publications with DOI we will register ourselves directly with Crossref and publications with DOI already attributed by other organizations (in that case, we will show the table of contents, the chapter abstracts and DOIs on their landing pages and a link to go to the URL where the chapter is readable).
For both cases, I will have to attribute DOI to the books and to several chapters but not all because, as OMP doesn’t support section titles, for each section title, we create a chapter but without landing page).

At first, all appeared to work very well. I managed DOIs I need and let empty those I don’t need, marking the status Registered when necessary.

But, after that, I see that, when I unpublish a book to manage some change of any nature and publish it again, OMP attributes to all chapters and books concerned that initially didn’t have DOI a DOI using only the prefix I set up.

I don’t understand why and how it is possible to stop that.

Can anyone help me to solve this problem?

Thank you in advance for your help.



Nobody to help me? Please :grin: