Unpublish Issue before add/edit a publication

The way it is now
An Issue with some articles (publications) may receive at any moment a new article, or the existing ones may be edited (by unpublishing e publishing), etc.

Describe the problem you would like to solve
The problem is when we think about the act of publishing an Issue. There are some stuffs related to it like sending e-mails or notifications. When a publication is added or edited in an Issue nobody will know.

Besides, the hook 'publishIssue'will not be called. In my specific use case I have a plugin that rely on this hook to do some stuffs.

Describe the solution you’d like
Block the user from add/edit a publication in a published Issue. Thus, it would be necessary to unpublish Issue before add/edit a publication. Maybe a dialogue box warning it and asking if the user wants to unpublish the Issue.

Additional information
I know how to workaround to my specific use case, but since I started to think about it I was wondering about if it should be like my proposal. Maybe I am suggesting to complicate a simple thing, hope don’t.