"Unauthenticated ORCiDs for contributors detected"

Hi there,

I help manage sportrxiv.org and we recently moved our hosting PKP.

However, when trying to update a preprint, we ran into an issue. When updating the preprint a new version cannot be posted and the error “Unauthenticated ORCiDs for contributors detected”.

This is odd since 1) the old version was posted without issue and 2) the only 2 authors without an authenticated ORCID do not even have an ORCID account (so there is nothing to authenticate). While we like the ORCID feature, we definitely do not want to create a new requirement for posting preprints.

I cannot see anything on my end with my Preprint Server Manager privileges that can fix the issue.

What can we do to resolve this error message and allow us to post a new version?