Transliteration of names

There are two scripts in Serbian language, latin and cyrillic. One of grammar rules is that scientific terms that do not have special word on Serbian language, foreign personal names, names of products and similar names is not mandatory to transliterate. For example, instead of transliteration of let say United Nations it should be used Serbian term for that on whichever script. But, if we have foreign term for which we do not have Serbian version it is not necessary to transliterate on let say cyrillic. Instead, we can use original term or Serbian version of that term that is different since in Serbian language the way we write words and the way we pronounce that word are the same. We write as we speak. Thus, words from French, English, Swedish and many other languages for which we do not have Serbian version should be used as original without necessary transliteration. (This is predominantly valid for names of persons, products, institutions, scientific terms, words from various dialects etc.)
Is there any similar rule in other language? I would like to learn more from experience from other cultures.