Translation plugin error

I unpacked translator plugin from github and unpacked it. I have put in that Installed is Off and started upgrade procedure. Upgrade procedure was completed successfully but When I entered system again after turning back Installed to ON in I did not see translation plugin in generic plugins. Any advise?

What application and version are you using? The pkp/translator GitHub repo is for OJS 3.x, but OJS 3.x doesn’t really make the same distinction of needing to “see the translation plugin in generic plugins”. In fact, the translator plugin should come by default with the OJS 3.x and OJS 2.4.x installs.

There is no translator plugin in default installation. I cleaned cache and I see now translator plugin but when I click on Translate I got message like in attached screenshot.
It behaves like there is no any journal inside.

When I go to Serbian language and click on translate I see the following error message like in screenshot attached

please advise

Hi @ctgraham,

I do not think the translator plugin comes by default with OJS3, I can see it neither in the application directory, nor in the plugin list.

Is this plugin functional? Has anyone tried it?

You are correct. It is not in the packaged tgz file on the website. It is included in the ojs-3_0-0-0 tag in GitHub and in the ojs-stable-3_0_0 branch, so there may be a problem with the packaging script.

I’m hosting from GitHub’s ojs-stable-3_0_0. To access the plugin, I login as admin, then click on “Administration” in the upper right, then select a Journal from the upper left, then select Settings → Website → Translate

I extracted into plugins/generic folder and moved files from translator-master folder to translator folder. Next, I turned off Installed option in in and started upgrade procedure. After completion of upgrade procedure I turned on Installed option in and I found plugin in Generic plugins. I went to page as you directed in your previous post and found translation. I will correct some typos and complete as much as I can, export translation and send it to you or Marco.
I will transliterate translations from cyrillic to latin script so users can use the both according to their preference. However, that would be possible to implement having provided solution as we discussed on github forum. please keep me informed when that will be available so I can do necessary changes.
I will let you know if I would have some difficulties/questions.