Translation from version OJS 2 to OJS 311


I just managed to get all the sign ups from version 2 of OJS to version 311.

Now, I am trying to automatically translate the XML of an edition that is exported from the version 2 of OJS to the version OJS311. The past edition can be found here ( and the new edition can be found here ( I managed to almost get the result, but I am still getting the following messages:

  • ##plugins.importexport.common.error.duplicateRevisionForSubmission##

one for each one of the submission files (except the first!). Since the past version does not export ids (of any kind), I have just used the same id values in each xml block related to articles. Most probably this is the problem, but I have changed the ids ‘by hand’ to try to overcome this and I still kept receiving the same error message (an information: the edition was already remade by hand in the OJS311 site and it is already there, which issues the error * ##plugins.importexport.native.import.error.issueIdentificationDuplicate##, but, of course, I will exclude this handmade edition if I get this translation operational).

What should be the problem? (I can send both xml files - last version and its translation, but they are 4.2Mbytes long and maybe the issue is much easier to solve without looking at them.

Best regards, Olavo

Problem solved. Now, the program translates all articles from the previous version to version 3.1.1. The IDs are generated as random numbers and no problem apeared.