Translating into Bahasa Indonesia

Hi @mtub,
I am currently translating OJS into Bahasa Indonesia. Right now I am facing a difficulty in translating. For an example, when I am trying to translate ##admin.scheduledTask.clearLogs##, it won’t change. I wonder what wrong since I had change it in the xml file.

Here are the screenshots.

And where can I find the code for this “log in</em> ke sistem akan dipaksa untuk log in</em> lagi (termasuk diri Anda).”)">Akhiri Sesi Pengguna"?



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Hi @nonoway, thank you for working on a translation. I hope that you will be able to update the translation and make it available so that we can include it in one of the future OJS releases.

There is some documentation available at and at

The translations are all hosted on GitHub as part of the PKP repositories, mostly

The second key you’ve mentioned is actually part of the pkp-lib repository, not of the OJS repository. You will find it in locale/id_ID/admin.xml as admin.confirmExpireSessions. The first key you’ve mentioned (admin.scheduledTask.clearLogs) is in the same file – where did your put your translation when it wasn’t used by OJS?

Hi @mtub, thanks for your respond.

Sorry but I don’t get it, what do you mean when it wasn’t used?

Aah so I need to change the xml files in js/locale/id_id not in ojs/lib/pkp/locale?


Hi @nonoway,

what I meant is: You described that you put a translated key into one of the files, and it did not appear in your OJS installation. My question is: In which file did you put your translation?

When translating, you should keep your translation in the same structure and files you can see in the en_US locales. Depending on what part of OJS you are translating, you will find these files in

(these files are part of GitHub - pkp/ojs: Open Journal Systems : )

  • /locale/en_US (and /locale/id_ID)
  • /plugins/(plugin directory)/locale/en_US (and …/locale/id_ID)

(these files are part of GitHub - pkp/pkp-lib: PKP Web Application Library : )

  • /lib/pkp/locale/en_US (and /lib/pkp/locale/id_ID)
  • /lib/pkp/plugins/(plugin directory)/locale/en_US (and …/locale/id_ID)

There are a few plugins that are not part of the OJS code but are hosted separately.

Generally speaking: If you find a missing key you want to translate, look in which of the en_US files you can find that key and put your translation in the corresponding id_ID file.

Hi @mtub,

I have translated most of the files and I would like to contribute it so people can use it… what should I do? But still I hope there will be someone who will recheck my translation cause I am not sure it is the right translation… Anyway thanks for the help!

Some contributions to the id_ID locale have appeared. It would be best to make sure everyone knows about each other’s work and maybe work together. See Update manager.xml by awangga · Pull Request #1258 · pkp/ojs · GitHub and Update id_ID by mohammadrizki · Pull Request #1272 · pkp/ojs · GitHub

Any progress update? How can I help?