Translating by editing xml files

Is it maybe better to do translation by editing locale xml files?


Hi @vvucic, you can choose the method of translation that works best for you. If you feel comfortable working with the XML files directly, this can be a very good workflow. You can then compare/diff the en_US and the translated locale files and can easily commit everything via GitHub.

If you manage to get the translator plugin running on your installation, you’d still have to get the updated locale files from your server and commit them.


I have got locale files that are partially translated and I have seen that a number of keys are missing. At the same time I have troubles installing translator plugin.
It seems to me that translator plugin omit from xml files untranslated keys so when xml files are shared the receiver is in difficult position since keys are missing and it is hard to trnslate them.
If I do from the beginning that it is the best to use xml files and translate accordingly.
Do you have any experience in such situations?