Transalte Learning OJS 2 gitbook


I want to translate into italian the gitbook Learning OJS 2.4.8: A Visual Guide to Open Journal Systems
The code of 3.0 manual is on github, GitHub - pkp/ojs-user-guide: OJS User Guide.

I don’t find the source code of this manual for 2.4.8

Where can I download it ?


Hi @ztajoli,

We keep our manuals in a separate repository – it’s a submodule of the main OJS repo, so I’d suggest running e.g. git submodule update --recursive to check everything out. Tagging @mtub, as he manages translations for us.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

@asmecher, true for 3.x, but I don’t think this is the case for 2.x? Or if it is, can you point us at a link?

Hi @ztajoli, the OJS user guide is for OJS 3.x only. OJS 2.x help files are located in /help, but you probably don’t want to translate them as they are rather outdated and are not used in OJS 3.x anymore.

I confirm.
In fact I want to translate this gitbook:

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So @mtub, can you send me the markdown code of this gitbook ?
It is more easy to transalte markdown code than HTML.