Theme for OJS 3.1.2

Hi dear friends,
I’ve been working with OJS for four years, started with OJS, in this last update for OJS 3x I’m more in the programming part and I’m loving it, the whole community does a great job. I apologize for some silly questions. It is very good to belong to this community always willing to help. I want to help more as I learn.
Here in Brazil, more specifically in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, I am as a technical support scholar and having great support from my bosses, I have been developing some templates and evolving some.
I am really enjoying working with this area and I want to be able to contribute more and more to this community.
Here’s one of the topics I’ve finalized for the new version of OJS 3.1.2.

If you wish, you can access
Thank you all!


Thanks for the work. It is a great theme

Olá, Boa tarde, sou da Universidade de Sorocaba, estamos na cidade de Sorocaba/SP gostaria da sua ajuda para inserir o plugin do seu tema no nosso Portal Portal de Periódicos Eletrônicos Científicos - PPEC da Universidade de Sorocaba - UNISO
Pode nos ajudar por favor. Aguardo. Obrigada

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Boa tarde, sim, qual problema está apresentando?

How can one download this theme.

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The theme github is available, just download and install. Need to convert to tar.gz

How i my going to upload it if i can.t download tar.gz of it. is there a tool to convert it. Am a beginner please guide me.

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I usually download and convert by command lines.
git clone command to download, command (tar -czvf folder.tar.gz folder) and then I go to Plugins and Upload A New Plugin

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Olá Monica, bom dia!

Meu nome é Silmara, sou da Uniso - Universidade de Sorocaba (SP), estamos trabalhando na Institucionalização do nosso Portal de Periódicos, para tanto preciso melhorar a nossa página.

Localizei o Portal de vocês no Fórum do PKP, por sinal a página do Portal de vocês está de parabéns, muito eficiente e bonito. Gostaria de saber se vocês compartilham o modelo usado para a capa do portal, com todas as funcionalidades que vocês dispõe na página (Publicações Recentes; Revistas de A a Z; Incubadora…), se é possível o nosso ter o mesmo formato.



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Wow the main page of the theme is really beautiful.
Love the design.

Can you post the journal page that uses the theme too ?

Thank @monicalp

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Dear, as the theme went to institution I am not allowed to pass on.

So, @monicalp are not you allow any more to share your front page code?


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The theme looks great! A pity you aren’t allowed to share it anymore. Can you explain how you created journal groupings on the frontpage (A-Z, Incubated journals, Terminated journals)? Would like to be able to do something similar.

All the best

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I put in the configuration page ( the option of the journal that would appear in which the getJournalsByPath pulls from the database. follows example.

    $regularJournalsPaths = $this->getJournalsByPath($this->getOption('regularJournals'));        
    $incubatedJournalsPaths =  $this->getJournalsByPath($this->getOption('incubatedJournals'));
    $terminatedJournalsPaths =  $this->getJournalsByPath($this->getOption('terminatedJournals'));
    $journalDao = DAORegistry::getDAO('JournalUfrnDAO');

    $regular_journals = $journalDao->getJournalsByPath($regularJournalsPaths);
    $incubated_journals = $journalDao->getJournalsByPath($incubatedJournalsPaths);
    $terminated_journals = $journalDao->getJournalsByPath($terminatedJournalsPaths);            

    $smarty->assign('regular_journals', $regular_journals);
    $smarty->assign('incubated_journals', $incubated_journals);
    $smarty->assign('terminated_journals', $terminated_journals);

Thank you very much! I will have a look at it

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Dear Monica,
I got an error at this command line on OJS3.2: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method JournalUfrnDAO::_getTableName() in D:\wamp64\www\jos\plugins\themes\ufrn-theme\classes\

$query = “SELECT * FROM " . $this->_getTableName(). " WHERE path IN (’”. implode("’,’", $paths) ."’) ORDER BY seq";

Could you help me fix this.
Thank You.

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Sorry for the delay, but have you checked that the method has not been deleted? How was it executed, did you edit the code?

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Olá! Como vocês fizeram para inserir a barra de busca na página inicial do portal?

I also have a similar error and I am trying to find this method getTableName and failed doing so.
BTW, I ve tried to implement your method on to the oldGregg theme plugin.
Added the lines to oldGregg for $this, then the methods, and the corresponding classes also added the hook lines…

Would you be kind to help. I am very new to OJS and am tasked to build over oldGregg… Thanks!

where could we download the themes?