The reviewer does not see his first review in the second round

Is there any way for a reviewer to see their first review report in a second review round? because it is not possible in this time. You know sometime reviewer forgot details in review after long time.

Hi @Lukas_Hleba,

Interesting point. What specific version of OJS are you using (e.g. 3.3.0-8)?

PKP Team

@rcgillis Hello, thank you for answer, i am using version

Thanks for clarifying. From what I can tell, the way that the reviewer workflow works presently, it doesn’t really allow for this. However, there are some changes underway for version 3.4 that deal with editorial workflow. Not having seen this up front, I can’t say for certain whether or not this would impact the reviewers ability to see previous reports, but @NateWr might be aware if this is the case. @NateWr - do you know if any upcoming changes would affect the ability to do this?

PKP Team

No, there are no plans to change this in an upcoming version.

thank you for your answer

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