The field 'Affiliation' should not be mandatory

Some of our editors wonder why the field “Affiliation” is mandatory when readers want to register as users:
They say that many of their users do not know what is meant by Affiliation and therefore would rather not fill in the field.
I would therefore suggest that the field should not be made mandatory
We are running OJS
Niels Erik

Hello @nef,

This is already discussed in another forum post here: Affiliation mandatory, OJS - #5 by vvucic - please refer to the information contained in that post for making the field optional.

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This is something that we’ve debated for a long time. I agree that it shouldn’t be required, but apparently a lot of journals insist that this information is collected. I hope that in the future we will make it easier to determine on a journal-by-journal basis whether or not the field is required.